Challenge 1

When we decided to offer our candles for sale, we understood that there would be challenges along the way. What I personally didn't count on is how actually rewarding overcoming these challenges would be. Some challenges have been small while others have been vital to our business. First Challenge: Product Name. We tried many different combinations of words before we settled on Subtle Scents. Who knew there are so many words to describe candles and their scents...without coming up with a combination that hasn't already been taken. Ahhhhhhhh. I won't bore you with the amount of times my husband said "sounds good" or my children offered their suggestions and how many times I changed it anyway. Majority vote made the choice. Whew, challenge complete. What a feeling of accomplishment to have a name to go with our idea. It seems so simple doesn't it? Name your company. Once you dive in though, the reality of the importance of this one choice creeps in and suddenly everything sounds like jibberish. At least for me. Kudos to those that trust their first choice! Ok, what's next? Logo and colors ..............Not a lot of choices there right?

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